>Recommended Read – Catalyst 5.9

>Take a few minutes and read this post about Catalyst 5.9 and what it brings to the table. A great step forward for Catalyst and Plack.

>Anyone using carton yet?

>Took a look at carton today, after catching a quick glimpse from Miyagawa at YAPC::NA 2011.  Seems cool, going to try to use it for a new project I started on today.  The app is nothing special, just going to build out a small management daemon for my home server/hosting box/bitcoin rig.  This will give me a chance to build a plack app with starman. Good stuff. :)

>welcome back


I would like to welcome back the Tennessee Titans back into my life after a long summer of waiting for the strike to be over with. It’s done, it’s gone, it’s out of my life forever.. or at least for a few more years when shit hits the fan again.  *sigh* Be greatful you appear to have survived the strike.  I can’t say the same for major strikes in other sports.  They recovered, sure.. but they never really shined the way they used to.

So the Titans welcomed Donavan McNabb to LP Field along with his new friends the Vikings.  They played well, but the Titans defense had a very strong showing from start to finish, and the offense looked sharper than I expected as well.  I still know that this is a year of change and transition, so there will be plenty of growing pains, but we’ll get there. :)