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>Recommended Read – Catalyst 5.9

>Take a few minutes and read this post about Catalyst 5.9 and what it brings to the table. A great step forward for Catalyst and Plack. Tweet Pin It

>Anyone using carton yet?

>Took a look at carton today, after catching a quick glimpse from Miyagawa at YAPC::NA 2011.  Seems cool, going to try to use it for a new project I started on today.  The app is nothing special, just going to build out a small management daemon for my home server/hosting box/bitcoin rig.  This will give…

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>welcome back

> I would like to welcome back the Tennessee Titans back into my life after a long summer of waiting for the strike to be over with. It’s done, it’s gone, it’s out of my life forever.. or at least for a few more years when shit hits the fan again.  *sigh* Be greatful you…

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